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When we realize that healing and fulfillment find their roots internally rather than externally, we awaken our full potential. 

To help you get there is my intention. 

With love, 

Franziska Unterschrift

About 80% of all health issues are stress related. What if I tell you that the harm stress is doing to you, manifesting in forms of physical or psychological diseases such as tinnitus, eating disorders, obesity, depression, can be avoided? When human beings are in a state of stress their brain starts to work incoherently and so does the heart. The brain is subdivided into different areas, and if these areas stop synchronizing with each other we shift into a state of imbalance. It’s only a matter of time for diseases to show up. Diseases are the body’s way of telling us: “hey, something you’re thinking or doing doesn’t serve me. Please find out what it is & change it.” It is when our heart and our brain work in perfect harmony when healing takes place.



Release stress and tap into a state of acceptance and compassion.

which yoga style suits my needs?


  • Restaurative & relaxing practice
  • Works with the deep fascia
  • incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine


  • Intense physical & mental well-structured practice
  • Igniting the fire within

Vinyasa *

  • creative flow yoga practice
  • no two classes are ever alike
  • physically demanding

*Depending on your symptoms and with your consent, elements of Thai massage and Reiki may be included.

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Be adventurous. Learn how to climb, work on your fear of falling or improve your climbing technique based on personalized coaching.


Psych. Coaching

Psychological, holistic coaching. Reach your goals with effortless ease.

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Yes, you may! In my regular classes  all levels of Yoga practitioners are welcome. Take this as an invitation to join in. I’ll make sure no-one feels left out. However, masterclasses are designed to fit the needs of advanced practitioners. I’d recommend at least a few months of consistent practice if you’d like to join one of these.

No. Yoga starts right where you are at. When you step onto your mat neither past nor future matter. Yoga builds up on your very present state of being. There is no too thin, thick, stiff, tall, small (…) in Yoga. 

No. You don’t necessarily need to sit in meditation. What is important, though, is that the spine is straight to enable the energy to flow. Sitting on a bolster, a chair or laying on the floor therefore works perfectly fine, too.

The beautiful thing about these practices is that props are not mandatory at all. However, a Yoga mat, a couple of blocks, a belt and a bolster are nice props to bring along. They will help you to find the perfect alignment in the different postures. 

This is very individual. You may feel the warmth of the practitioners hands. You may also feel some sort of a pleasant tingling sensation. You may fall into some sort of trance state. You may feel energized or restored afterwards. Reiki really gives its receiver what he/she needs. Therefore the experience differs widely. I highly recommend not to focus too much on feeling something while receiving the sacred gift of Reiki. You may not feel anything at all, which does not mean that it is not working. 

  • Feel in tune with body & mind through earning the benefits of a moving meditation
  • Learn how to accept yourself in order to deal with success & failure
  • Improve your flexibility & the range of motion
  • Increase your awareness & proprioception
  • Prevent injuries & muscular imbalances
  • Raise your intuition
  • Level up your energy

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