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Workshops and Retreats offer you the possibility to intensify the experience. 

Due to the current Covid-19 situation most of the workshops and retreats had to be cancelled. I am working on rescheduling them though, and will keep you posted.


Upcoming retreats & workshops



Yoga & Climbing Frankenjura | 21.-24.05.2022


Yoga & Climbing | 26.-27.03.2022

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Über Mich

Yoga & Klettern

Yoga and climbing are the perfect match; like in any good relationship both have quite a lot in common and yet they complement each other extremely well.
When yoga meets climbing both intertwine on such a deep level that it enables its practitioners to grow far beyond their limits.
Über Mich

Handstands & Inversions

Handstanding strengthens shoulders, arms and wrists; stretches the belly; improves ones sense for balance and calms the brain which helps to relieve stress and mild depression.

Generally, turning ourselves upside down in any inversion encourages venous return, increases immunity whilst preventing illnesses, energizes naturally and literally gives us a new perspective on life


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