Yoga meets Climbing


Yoga and climbing is the perfect match; both have quite a lot in common and yet they complement one another.


Improved Performance

When yoga meets climbing both intertwine on such a deep level that it enables its practicioners to grow far beyond their limits.

Yoga calms the mind by bringing attention to the breath. The various breathing techniques taught in yoga can might as well be applied whilst climbing, representing an immensely important tool, especially when it comes to mind control.

Yoga is a practice of deep body awareness. Most likely: The better the climber knows his/her body, the better he climbs.

Increased core strength and a higher range of motion due to flexibly improvements (f.e. hips close to the wall, high feet, ...( certainly are to mention at this point, too.

Injury Prevention

Though, Yoga isn't only crucial for improvement of the climbers performance. Moreover, it also plays an important role when it comes to injury prevention. The repetitive 'pulling' motion in climbing is the complementary movement to the repetitive 'pushing' motion in yoga. Therefore, yoga helps to open up the often closed chest of high level climbers and strengthens the antagonists. 

Daily Routine​


We'll start into the days with a powerful

Ashtanga | Vinyasa Flow

Rock Climbing

Guided transition: from gym climbing to rock climbing | sport psychology


To recharge we'll end the days with a relaxing mix of Yin Yoga | Meditation


✔ climb lead (indoor)

✔ belay

✔ climbing equipment


100 € - students < 30 years

120 € - students > 30 years

140 € - others

*excl. accommodation & board



21.05.2020 - 24.05.2020 | Yoga meets Climbing Outdoor Retreat | Arco, Italy | registration:


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