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Join the Virtual Yoga Shala and connect with others while enjoying the comfort of staying in.

For many of us the Covid-19 Virus causes immense inconveniences. From one day to another we're suddenly not allowed to leave the own house anymore, to distract ourselves with the external, which we've become so used to.

However, if we change our perspective from seeing ourselves in the role of the victim and instead take responsibility for our actions, we might even re-consider the worlds collective burnout which forces us to stay home and yes, deal with and work through our "shit" as a once in a lifetime chance.

Has there ever been a time in your life so far where the whole world just pauses in the unknown? This collective timeout for once provides us the opportunity to focus on the internal rather than the external world. It gives us time to reflect and find out who we truly are.

It's time to travel inwards, to tune in. Let me make you a promise: Exploring what's inside yourself is for sure the most exciting and rewarding adventure you can ever agree on taking.

Happiness is a choice. It comes from the inside, so once you find this place of inner peace and equanimity you'll feel liberated, free of all suffering despite the chaos surrounding you. You can be the anchor for joy and hope - not only for yourself but for so many others, if only you chose to.


How does a virtual Yoga Shala work?

With this Yoga classes taught live online you will be able to connect and share your practice & energy with other likeminded people. We'll "meet" via Zoom. To register, please send me a message at least one day in advance.

What do I need?

Internet access

Laptop/ Computer

Zoom Account (register for free on

Option 1

Practice & connect with the people YOU love.

You want to share this intimate practice with your own folks? That's great! So what do you have to do?

Option 2

"Drop In" Yoga Class

Come to class while enjoying the benefits of staying inside your own living room. You'll practice along with many other students from all over the world. 

Every Thursday, 3-4pm*

*(UCT +1)


Option 1: 

80 € split by the number of practitioners

Option 2:

11, 50 € / Drop In Class

Costs in times of Covid-19

Option 1: 

40 € split by the number of practitioners

Option 2:

7 € / Drop In Class

Virtual Yoga Shala sounds too fancy for you? 

No problem Yogi, I got your back. Why don't you take a look at my YouTube or Instagram TV Account to practice along? ;)


Let's connect deeper

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