Private Yoga

As fun and energetically powerful as group classes are, a private yoga class enables to work with your unique body and your level of practice. Yoga is a combination of strength and flexibility and it is important to remember that each body is vastly different.

Customized Private Yoga Classes - Online or in Person

Your Benefits:

  • A practice that is made-to-measure, according to the uniqueness of your body and level of yoga practice

  • Work effectively on your weaknesses | goals | skills you desire to learn

  • Enjoy practicing in a safe environment

  • Save time on your journey to a healthy, happy and joyful life

  • No need to be afraid of feeling overwhelmed in a typical class setting, when new to Yoga. Particularly during the first few classes the internal pressure to keep up with the other students, which are already familiar to most of the asanas might seem intimidating. 

  • Enjoy undivided attention. Without the need to keep up with the pace of other classmates, there is plenty of time to break down each posture step by step and I can personally show you how to safely access it.

  • Schedule your private class to the best of your convenience. Making the time to practice isn't always as easy as it might seem like. Sometimes, it's simply not possible to get to a class or studio. A private class can accommodate even the most hectic of schedules by working around your personal "to-do's". Taking lessons at any time of the day or night, depending on work and/or social obligations, allows more flexibility in your practice and supports you to develop a strong routine, which is key to unlock all the benefits of Yoga. 

My Intention

My intention is to offer you the best tools which are in alignment with your unique constitution, lifestyle and goals. 

I believe this is best done individually, whether in person or via online yoga classes.

Choose what suits you



Prices vary slightly depending on location.

(* valid for most countries, potential exceptions)


Europe, America, Australia:      80 €/ h*  

Asia, South America, Africa:    40 €/ h*


Max B.

Franzi helped me develop my confidence in hand balancing w/ her positive affirmations and never-changing kind attitude. One of my favorite yoga instructors ever x

Best of the best

Marissa M.

I had a one on one session with Franzi and she created a whole plan specifically designed for my areas of strength and areas that needed more love. Not only did Franzi give me valuable information on the body and advice for my personal practice but also learned things I can take into my own classes and the awareness to be a better teacher. Franzi’s one on one is one of the best things I have done that has helped my practice flourish. I would highly recommend her workshops, events or one-on-ones if you’re serious about your practice.

! half of the price during Covid 19 crisis !

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