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Rebirth – The Effects of Covid-19

In one lifetime we can be reborn many times.

– Yung Pueblo

This is something many of us might currently experience. While the effects of Covid-19 for some might be relatively mild, for others the ground seems to shake, breaking down the cozy house which was once built out of a tremendous amount of energy and love. 

Covid-19 and psychological trauma

These dear souls might experience a deep trauma due to a loss of their sense of identity. What has once been the central point of their lives, suddenly lost its value. To redefine themselves, they gotta deal with questions such as “what’s next?” or even “who am I?”. 

A psychological trauma is a response to an experience that a person finds highly stressful and feels unable to deal with. Traumas can emerge out of a specific situation (f.e. being in a war zone or losing a loved one), however they might as well be the result of a constant harm of one’s self worth. 

So by losing the sense of who we are, by losing our purpose and self-worth due to the loss of the profession we identified with, a trauma might develop. 

You might think: my profession is not who I am – and you’re absolutely right. Yet, if someone asks you to introduce yourself, how likely is it that you will include what you do in life? So here you go, you just attached yourself to your job.

Be extra kind. Give an extra amount of love.

Especially for relationships, times like these are heavy trials and seemingly endless compassion for each other is needed. So be extra kind. Give an extra amount of love. Because your partner might be dealing with deep inner suffering of which you are not even aware of.

Who am I – Meditation

There’s a lovely meditation technique, gently guiding you back towards the true essence of who you are. Today, I want to invite you to tune in with me. Tune in, to who you are. 

Step 1)

Start by asking yourself the question: 

Am I more than everything I say/ do/ think? Is there something else?

Step 2) Go deeper and strip off the first layers:

I’m not just a female. 

I’m not just a wife.

I’m not just a mother. 

I’m not just a doctor.

I’m not just a dancer.


I’m not just this body.

Strip away all the layers your outer body identifies with.

Step 3) Go deeper. Strip off the mental layer.

I’m not my thoughts.

I’m not what I think. 

I’m not what I say.

I’m not the pain I experience.
Neither am I my fears, frustrations or beliefs.

I’m not just my mind.

Step 4) So then, if I am none of these: who am I?

I am spirit. I am pure soul. I am the consciousness. I am the Universe itself.